By lowering the training intensity you can improve your team mood, e.g. to raise for a decisive game. But it's risky: You will have a lower training effect for your players and due to the lower training intensity it can easily happen that your players' form is very low for several weeks. Also note that after lowering, the team mood - as always - continues to move towards "calm (middle) = 4.5" with each daily update. If you increase the training intensity again later, the team spirit will drop again. - TI-Screwer
Version 1.0

A timetable for when you need to lower the training intensity and then increase it again later.

The values for the “Team Mood” fields are on the right of the input fields.

This tool is calculate in two different directions. All values are rounded down in both directions, so if your input is identical, both ways can lead to different results!
Yellow way: Please enter your new (lower) training intensity and the tool calculates the new team mood.
Blue way: Please enter the team mood you want to achieve and the tool calculates how much you need to lower the training intensity to. Note: If very small results are obtained for the team mood, you should definitely run through the entire scenario for further (lower) values of the planned team mood and calculate using the yellow method!

Team mood:
Training intensity before lowering:
Paradise on Earth
9.00 - 9.99
Walking on Clouds
8.00 - 8.99
7.00 - 7.99
6.00 - 6.99
5.00 - 5.99
4.00 - 4.99
3.00 - 3.99
2.00 - 2.99
1.00 - 1.99
0.00 - 0.99
like the Cold War
Team mood before lowering:
Leadership qualities of the trainer:
New team mood after lowering training intensity.
Training intensity to be set in order to achieve team mood.
Fill in all fields in "Initial" and at least one field in "Calculation"!

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