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Version 1.0

Fill in the keeper's form in "Form". Choose the right "Sub of form" (for explanation look at the example under the tool) and fill in the "TSI" without gaps or ".", e.g. 12340.
Don't forget: Goalkeepers, who are older than 27/28 years, will loose their TSI. The tool won't calculate correctly if your goalkeeper is in that age or older.
If your goalkeeper has more "Defending" than "Keeper", his TSI will only be calculated from his "Defending"-Skill and you can't use this tool.
Sub of form:

Sub of form:

"gut" = "solid"; "passabel" = "passable". 1) has the lowest TSI with "solid" form, 2) has the highest TSI with "passable" form. -> 1) very low sub -> 2) very high sub.


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